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NEW OCEAN Consortium
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Rising sea levels and flooding due to climate change threaten life on the ground. To overcome this crisis, we propose the creation of a new maritime economic zone named “NEW OCEAN.” The goal is to create a new economic ecosystem by forming naval cities, and viewing the oceans, which cover 70% of the Earth, as a sphere of survival. Although the development of marine businesses is fraught with legal and technical difficulties, challenging business development is underway, including data businesses that leverage the marine environment, such as Microsoft’s “Project Natick” in the United States and Highlander’s commercial underwater data center in China. We propose six elements (medicine, food, housing, information, electricity, and resources) that will make the “NEW OCEAN” a reality, promote the entry of diverse companies, and promote pioneering ocean activities. It will also create innovation in the ocean, and we seek to make this future together with participating companies, governments, and universities.




To achieve this goal, the working group will study business and technology development to realize a “NEW OCEAN” as teams, including deregulation.

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    Ocean Business
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    Ocean Technology
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Major Participating
Companies and
Research Institutes

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Operational Structure

Operational Structure

  • RepresentativeYuki Tazaki | N-ARK Inc. Founder and CEO
  • Organizer / SecretariatN-ARK Inc.
  • Legal AdvisorMihoko Shintani | TMI AssociatesAkihiko Yagishita | UCHIDA&SAMEJIMA LAW FIRMNaoyuki Goto | UCHIDA&SAMEJIMA LAW FIRM


  • Advisory BoardsRie Sasaki-Herman | Representative, SFI Institute,Inc. Representative, Tree Sixty Asia,Inc.Yuichi Tei | Professor, Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Medicine, The University of TokyoShohei Toyonaga | Cultivera Inc. Founder and CEOEI Nozaki | Recotech Inc. Founder and CEOKen Isono | Representative Director & Founder Shizen Energy Inc.Takahiro Nakamura | Midtown, Inc. Founder and CEO.

Advisory Boards

  • 鄭 雄一

    Yuichi Tei

    鄭 雄一

    Professor, Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

    Graduated from the University of Tokyo, School of Medicine in 1989, and received his M.D. in 1997. D. in 1997. He was a resident at the University of Tokyo Hospital, a researcher in the Department of Endocrinology at Massachusetts General Hospital, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, and an associate professor at the Center for Disease Biotechnology, Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo before assuming his current position in 2007. He specializes in bone and cartilage biology, regenerative medicine, and biomaterials engineering.

  • 佐々木 ハーマン 理恵

    Rie Sasaki-Herman

    佐々木 ハーマン 理恵

    Representative, SFI Institute, Inc.
    Representative, Hexa Agency LLC
    Vice President, Tree Sixty Asia Inc.

    Former General Manager of Information Security, Defense Company, ITOCHU Corporation. CIO of Cyber Defense (formerly iDefense), a wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU. Engaged in the project to establish the Cabinet Information Security Center of the Cabinet Secretariat. He is currently engaged in a wide range of projects as an international intelligence profiler.

  • 豊永 翔平

    Shohei Toyonaga

    豊永 翔平

    Cultivera Inc. Founder and CEO

    Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1989. He was involved in the excavation of archaeological sites and activities for landscape and cultural conservation in Cambodia at the Archaeology Laboratory of Waseda University. During his time there, he saw the destruction of the environment around cultural heritage sites in Asian countries and the concentration of young people in urban areas due to the lack of industry. In 2016, he founded Cultivera LLC. He also operates his own agricultural corporation, PomonaFarm, in Taki Town, Mie Prefecture.

  • 野崎 衛

    Ei Nozaki

    野崎 衛

    Recotech Inc. Founder and CEO

    He was in charge of sales for a Scandinavian waste treatment facility in Japan, and has consulted on the introduction of facilities and resource recycling for all industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. He has been involved in the introduction of advanced resource recycling system hardware and software, including serving as PM for a project to import and construct methane fermentation technology for food waste from Germany for food recycling in Japan. In November 2021, he released POOL, a resource circulation platform, to promote DX of resource circulation.

  • 磯野 謙

    Ken Isono

    磯野 謙

    Representative Director & Founder Shizen Energy Inc.

    Ken Isono is the Representative Director and Co- Founder of Shizen Energy Inc.
    He currently leads new business development and organizational & cultural development in the Shizen Energy Group. In 2013, he led the establishment of a joint venture with juwi AG in Japan, which was instrumental to the growth of the company, and also accelerated the company’s international business. Prior to founding Shizen Energy, he had worked for a wind energy company and was involved in the project development and O&M of wind farms. He also serves as a board of councilors for the Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation at Shizenkan University. He holds a BA in Environment and Information Studies from Keio University, and a joint MBA from Columbia Business School and London Business School.

  • 中村 貴裕

    Takahiro Nakamura

    中村 貴裕

    Midtown, Inc. Founder and CEO.

    Takahiro first became interested in space after reading Newton. After studying the origin of the solar system at the University of Tokyo Graduate School, he joined Accenture and engaged in SCM consulting for the retail and manufacturing industries. He then moved to Recruit and experienced the launch of several new businesses.
    From 2015, he joined ispace,inc. as Director and COO, overseeing all aspects of the business. He was responsible for business development, government relations, fundraising, U.S. and European expansion, organizational development. Experienced scale-up from 2 employees to 200 employees. In 2022, he founded Midtown,Inc., aiming to solve global issues with the keywords of space x climate change x biodiversity. Also serves as CXO and advisor for several startup companies and acting chairperson of the Lunar Industry Vision Council.

  • 田崎 有城

    Yuki Tazaki

    田崎 有城

    N-ARK Inc. Founder and CEO

    Founded KANDO, a creative firm that provides comprehensive hands-on support, including a finance perspective, while working side-by-side with deep tech startups. He has also supported numerous tech ventures as a member of the Real Tech Fund.
    He has contributed to building momentum for the cyborg venture "MELTIN" both domestically and internationally, and raised 2.02 billion yen in Series B. Personal mobility "WHILL" MaaS business exhibited at CES, etc.
    In 2021, co-founded "esse-sense," a long interview media of cutting-edge researchers.
    In the same year, founded "N-ARK," a floating architecture startup that adapts to climate crisis.

Dogen City
Related Industries

The following are currently envisioned related industries, and we look forward to working with you to develop these industries in the future.

  • #Advanced Medical Care R&D
  • #Medical data industry
  • #Agriculture and aquaculture industry
  • #Ocean Building Industry
  • #Ocean Developer Industry
  • #Ocean Energy Industry
  • #Ocean Resource Recycling Industry
  • #Ocean Data Infrastructure Industry
  • #]Passenger Transport Rocket Industry
  • #Entertainment Industry


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