Utilizing corporate technology for the future


Through ESG issues, we aim to develop technologies and businesses to combat climate change jointly with multiple companies to achieve resilience and innovation for society as a whole. and provide consulting services to help companies tackle social issues.

In ESG issue resolution, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality in environment (E), SDGs goals in society (S), and a wellbeing society in governance (G), and by linking these goals, we aim to improve the global environment and humanity for the next generation.

  • In-house technology innovation technology
  • TCFD Organization-Related Financial Disclosures
  • LCA Evaluation Indicators
  • Energy and resource recycling
  • Climate Change Response Technologies
  • Primary Industry Innovation
  • In-house technology innovation technology
  • LCA Evaluation Indicators
  • Developing Innovators of Internal Human Resources
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Sustainable branding and design
  • Circular Economy Model Building
  • In-house technology innovation technology
  • TCFD Organization-Related Financial Disclosures
  • Developing Innovators of Internal Human Resources
  • Management Meeting DX
  • IR Valorization by addressing social issues
  • Non-Financial = New Corporate Valorization Index

O1O is a new business consulting service that contributes to 0-10, aiming to develop a company's R&D technologies and businesses (0-1) into ESG-responsive technologies and businesses (1-10) by taking into account social issues, marketability, and technological development direction.

  • Step01
    Due Diligence
    Inventory existing in-house technologies and R&D technologies through technology inventory, human resources, technology, and due diligence.
  • Step02
    Business development
    theme additional
    criteria report
    Set up a development theme that is a growth market to commercialize the technology.
  • Step03
    Criteria report
    database creation
    Combine the results of Step 1 and Step 2 to create a database of individual businesses.
  • Step04
    stage grasp stay SOM
    Stage each technology into Seed/Early/Middle/Later, and visualize the stay SOM they have.
  • Step05
    Management strategy
    placement study
    for each theme
    Business stage placed business to realize management mission, discuss business strategy.
  • Step06
    IR Report
    Visualization of the technology stage and stay SOM will serve as IR communication.


Basic research, technology development, marketability verification, and circumstance planning
basic research and development
  1. objective setting
  2. implementation verification content setting
  3. implementation verification content verification
  4. evaluation of verification results
business planning
  1. POC technology verification experiment
  2. Prototype verification
  3. Marketability/business feasibility study
  4. business planning

Basic and applied technology development management
Technology inventoryCRTechnology stage identification and detergent SOM calculationDBBusiness planning Criteria reporting
Criteria Reporting
  1. Information on products and technologies
  2. Status of product/technology development
  3. Product/Technology development plan
  4. Target market
  5. Upside potential
  6. List of contact persons
TechnologyTechnologyMarketabilityMarketabilityHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesThemesThemes
Business Planning


Strategic Investment and Development
Strategic Investment Development = Incubation
  1. Strategic investment study
  2. Investment & Business Review
  3. Evaluation
  4. Continuation of investment
  1. Continuous investment
  2. Accelerate business technology development
  3. Business collaboration
  4. Consideration of EXIT

Strategic investment management and business portfolio
Organizational functions required for 1-10
01. Joint POC
  • Joint POC with internal R&D venture
02. Management
  • New project contact
  • Coordination of internal collaborators
  • Coordination of external collaborators
  • Project committee support
  • External network development
03. External Board
  • New project contact
  • Coordination of internal collaborators
  • Coordination of external cooperating members
  • Deal committee support
  • External networking
04. Business Producer Training
  • Training through joint POC with venture companies
  • Practical training through collaboration between projects
  • Business plan development
05. Acceleration
  • Marketability research
  • External venture company matching
  • Matching of themes for promoting cooperation with large companies
  • Business plan development support


Diversified Exit Models
Transfer of business to the division
Return KPI:
  1. Sales
New business to be independent
Return KPI:
  1. Sales
  2. Social Impact
  3. Financial return
Co-creative Founding
Return KPI:
  1. Sales
  2. Social Impact

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