by the ocean.

N-ARK [nάːk] is an innovative architectural startup that reinvents architecture by the ocean to address social issues.
We will focus on the social problems of rising sea levels and flood salinity by researching and developing Arktecture (Ark + Technology + Culture) as the climate crisis threatens life on the earth. A fusion of architecture that adapts to the ocean and salt-resistant technology has been the greatest weakness of modern architecture.


Background of N-ARK and focus Issues.

By the end of the century, the global population affected by sea-level rise is expected to rise from 470 million to 760 million people—the cost of the damage projects to be about $551 trillion worldwide. In coastal cities, typhoons, floods, and salt damage will worsen. How can we adapt and live with such climate change? Solutions are born from understanding Deep Issues.

Technology leads to solving the issue.

Our purpose is to develop a floating architecture technology that combines various elemental technologies to utilize and protect against salt, which modern architecture has not tackled. As a first step, we will plan to prototype "Green Ocean," a floating farm. It combines seawater agriculture technology with seawater as a direct source of nutrients and floating architecture technology. It creates a circular environment for seawater agriculture to be realized in 2022.


About N-ARK